October 11, 2017

Are you a small business owner who recently launched a startup? Business owners usually have a list of things to do and security is often not on there. But you’ll soon realise the importance of investing in a good security system. Small businesses are usually not high...

July 12, 2017

Small businesses have to deal with the reality that thefts and other crimes can occur on  business premises. Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks and retail stores, may be more of a target for criminals and petty thieves than other types, but a wide varie...

May 11, 2017

Don’t get left out in the cold this winter! If you live in a cold climate - sleet, frost, freezing rain, snow, and extremely cold temperatures can impact the performance of your security cameras - and your video security camera system. Learn how to maintain and protect...

April 1, 2017

 If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong while you're on holiday -- which is arguably the worst time a household calamity can strike. Coming home from your long weekend or holiday can be gloomy. But returning from a memorable journey and learning something has gone...

March 1, 2017

House Break Ins increasing during Day Time 

Most burglaries take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of home burglaries take place during daylight hours, not at night. That’s because most people are at work or school - which r...

February 2, 2017

VideoFied, No power required, 100% ESKOM FREE! 

Videofied is not a CCTV surveillance system that simply records videos that are accessed by the owner. Rather, Videofied is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to the con...

January 3, 2017

Getting back into the swing of the school routine after the long summer holiday is a challenge for most families, but apart from getting the children to class on time it’s important to keep up your good safety habits on the school run. Always keep in mind that security...

December 7, 2016

Statistics clearly show that criminal activity increases during the holiday season and it is therefore imperative for homeowners to take the right precautions and not let their guard down. We tend to ease up on our safety measures when we’re in holiday mode, but the de...

November 1, 2016

Summer is here and with warmer weather comes thunderstorms and power outages. One of the most unpredictable and often most detrimental threats to any security system is extreme weather conditions and in Johannesburg, we experience severe lightning storms, every summer....

September 12, 2016

An outdoor surveillance camera can be a practical and economical way to protect and secure your home. There are several factors to consider when looking for a model that is best for your needs, with the most important aspect for having your camera outdoors being it has...

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October 11, 2017

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