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Festive Season Safety and Security Tips

Statistics clearly show that criminal activity increases during the holiday season and it is therefore imperative for homeowners to take the right precautions and not let their guard down. We tend to ease up on our safety measures when we’re in holiday mode, but the devil is in the detail and sometimes it’s being diligent with the small things that makes the biggest difference. Here are a few practical tips that you can keep in mind during the festive season.

  • Make sure that your holiday decorations and displays do not obstruct your security systems. Watch out specifically for those that may obstruct video cameras or set off motion sensors.

  • Spectacular thunderstorms during the summer months can wreak havoc on alarm systems. Regularly check your systems in case of lightning damage.

  • Homeowners who have house insurance should also consider that in the event of a burglary, their insurance company will, in all likelihood, question whether they have properly maintained their alarm.

  • Sliding doors can be secured simply by placing a piece of timber cut to size in the sliding rail. This is to ensure that sliding doors cannot be lifted vertically.