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About Us

Back in early 1988 my girlfriend Joyce (later my wife) and myself realised we had nothing left to prove at the company we worked at together, our own business was the obvious next step. 

Security ? Why not. South africa 1988,  right time, right place.

In mid 1988 we crossed the " rubicon ". Our plan was simple, Joyce would jump ship first and test the waters. We found a couple of security equipment suppliers, made a selection of products and she hit the road selling door to door and doing market research as well. Within 2 months she was making three times my salary and I was ready to abandon ship as well. I resigned from TEMSA in december 1988. We registered Prosafe Protection Products CC in 1989. 

Our first store in 7th street street Springs was 15m² of retail space and millions of square metres of passion and ambition. By 1992 a piece of property was purchased across the road and a new 2 storey 800m² building was constructed. Prosafe was coming along nicely. By 1999 we needed lots of space. We found a 10 000m² industrial park located on a high density corner opposite the Springs Civic Centre. Within 1 year we had purchased and moved in. Then the company took off. Government work, Local government tenders and industrial tenders poured in. Our residential security and alarm business kept growing organically at 20 to 25 percent per annum.

One Name, One owner, one vision.....

Thank you to staff and my clients for making this company the success it has become.   

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