Our retail counter offers our thousands of clients a convenient and economical way of purchasing additional equipment or replacement 
components for their security systems.  
We are based in Springs central, the heart of our operational area, our store is a convenient stop on the way to work or home. 
Our well trained counter staff will quickly supply and code a remote or assist in the installation instructions on how to achieve that 
weekend security DIY project.   

As many basic maintenance procedures on security systems are quite elementary a home owner can save a lot of money by purchasing
the components and doing the work themselves. 

Replacing an alarm system back up battery can cost R 600.00 to R800.00 if an alarm tech is called out. A DIY battery replacement will cost 
R250.00 and takes 5 minutes to do. Quite a saving !

Pop in to our retail store and let us help you save money.

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ProSafe Protection Products CC

2 South Main Reef Road,  New Era, Springs

011 362-5590

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