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Back to school safety tips

Getting back into the swing of the school routine after the long summer holiday is a challenge for most families, but apart from getting the children to class on time it’s important to keep up your good safety habits on the school run. Always keep in mind that security is like the journey to school; it’s an ongoing process that requires you to keep your head up and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Here are a few back to school safety tips to be safe at the school and returning home.

1. PARK SAFELY - Hijackers have targeted parents while fetching and dropping off their children at school, so be vigilant and make sure there are no suspicious characters hanging around where you plan to park or near your car before you leave.

2. LOCK UP - Thieves smash car windows to steal school bags and sports kits which cost a small fortune to replace. Always lock school bags in the boot and drive off promptly because lingering in your car to read notes from the teacher or to check cellphone messages makes you vulnerable to criminals.

3. CHECK DOORS - Remote jammers operate outside schools and in shopping mall parkades so always remember to manually check that your car’s doors are locked before walking away.

4. INFORM SCHOOL - Inform school staff about health and emotional concerns. Whether your child has a food allergy, a physical disability, or has been subject to bullying, make sure to keep your child’s teachers and principal in the loop.

5. OBEY RULES - If your children walk a short distance to school