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Does your old burglar alarm: See nothing, Hear nothing, Speak nothing?

VideoFied, No power required, 100% ESKOM FREE!

Videofied is not a CCTV surveillance system that simply records videos that are accessed by the owner. Rather, Videofied is a complete video alarm system that sends a short video clip with the alarm notification to the control room for immediate review. Videofied links the video with the control room – self-surveillance does not. A monitored video alarm delivers quicker response dispatch.

Since construction sites, vacant buildings, substations and all outdoor sites are usually uncontrolled environments, video verification is especially important to eliminate costly false alarms. Videofied is wireless and battery-powered so it can be installed anywhere for optimum effectiveness. MotionViewers are available for both indoor and outdoor applications and for harsh environments. Installation can be temporary or permanent usin