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Office Safety

It is imperative that everyone in your office takes a personal interest in keeping the workplace safe for all. Paying attention to the little things will assist in safeguarding your office from potential thieves. Women are particularly vulnerable, but with some common sense precautions, the potential of you becoming a victim can be measurably reduced. Criminals will look for targets of opportunity. Handbags left in the open on desks or common areas are inviting and easy marks for the skilled thief. Purses should be locked away in a desk drawer, locker or file cabinet. Often, the best way to deter the thief is to simply remove the temptation. All staff members should be encouraged to challenge everyone coming into the office. This does not have to be confrontational. A simple, “Hello, how may I help you?” will usually suffice. This does not give the individual a chance to say no. A decisive response is required. People who have legitimate business in your building or office will be very forthcoming with their response. People who are there for dishonest reasons will be taken aback and start to reach for a reasonable response. Many offices have a “No Solicitors” policy. Each person should take it upon themselves to assist in the enforcement of this policy. This can be done simply by advising a solicitor of the policy and then passing the information on to the management of the building. Eliminating the “door-to-door” types significantly l