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The PB-IN-HF series is the flagship of the TAKEX range of infrared photoelectric beams. By synchronizing 16 beam paths between Transmitter and Receiver, the PB-IN-HF series offer unrivaled stability in perimeter security. Coupled with channel separation and environmental (anti-fog) circuitry, the PB-IN-HF series has earned worldwide recognition as the standard our rivals aspire to.

For distances up to 200m outdoor / 400m indoor.

Double modulation frequency and phased locked loop system offers high power beams that have tenfold maximum arrival distance and a hundredfold maximum sensitivity.
● Excellent tolerance for bad weather (Fog, snow,or heavy rain etc.)
● Anti-external light circuit provides excellent tolerance for sunlight, mercury light, fluorescent light・
● Since simultaneous breaking of 4 beams is required to initiate an alarm, the most common causes of false alarms (small animals, birds, falling leaves) are virtually eliminated.

For distances up to 200m outdoor / 400m indoor.

4 Synchronised High-Power Beams
Selectable 4-Channel Beam Frequencies
Double Modulated Beam for unsurpassed Light Immunity
Monitor Jack for alignment with Multi-Meter
Audible Alignment Tone
Environmental (anti-fog) Monitoring Circuit
Dynamic A.G.C. Circuit
Frost Resistant Cover


Takex PBIN200HF Syncro Quad Beam (4 Beams) Outdoor Beam

SKU: AC0815
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