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Infrared Barrier : Paravision ABI air - IR Barrier 8 beam 100 meters

CPU microprocessor, good performance against outdoor interference.Multiple Interactive infrared beams shooting.
NC/NO relay output
Multiple Interactive infrared beams shooting. Adjacently 2 beams interruption detection.
NC/NO relay output.
Easy alignment with visual LED indicator and audible buzzer
High quality aluminum alloys cover.
Resistant to rain, fog, snow and frost.
Digital frequency conversion.
CPU microprocessor, good performance against outdoor interference. 
AGC pure digital circuit design, DSP digital chip programming, really reduce false alarm
Horizontal optical angle can be easy to adjust (180°)

Detecting distance    10m-100m
Height    96cm
Beams    8 beams
Response speed    40msec
Alarm output    Switch signal output (NO/NC)
Tamper    NC/NO. 1B contact output,DC26V/0.5AMax.
Power and voltage    DC10-18V
Operation current    30-90mAmax
Working temperature    -25℃-55℃


Paravision ABI-100 8-Strip Barrier Beam

SKU: AC0908*
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