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Patented digital motion detection
Dual optics (2 dual opposed element sensors)
Immune to animals weighing up to 40kg (90lb)
Digital dual opposed detection
Digital shield algorithm with adjustable sensitivity
Single or dual edge processing
11m x 11m (35ft x 35ft) with 90° viewing angle
MG or Omnia
Wireless range in a typical residential environment:
- 35m (115ft) with MG6250;
- 70m (230ft) with MG5050 and RTX3
Patented auto pulse signal processing
Automatic temperature compensation
Alive software (alarm LED continues to display when PIR is in energy save mode without compromising battery life)
3-Minute energy save mode after two detections within a five-minute period


Paradox PMD75 Indoor Detection Wireless PIR

SKU: AC0713*
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