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  • Input voltage: (Standard kit option): 230v AC, 50Hz-60Hz
  • Primary supply to the electric motor: ACDC Power Pack with battery as
  • Max duty cycle (work rate) with mains present: 98%
  • Number of operations on battery reserve without AC mains present: 100
  • Maximum gate mass: 500kg
  • Maximum gate leaf length applicable to performances specified here: 5m
  • Rated gate load: 180N
  • Rated gate speed: 30m/min
  • Built-in receiver: 434MHz, 4 channel, ET BLU MIX Enhanced rolling code


ET Drive 600 Sliding Gate Motor with Battery

SKU: 00491-002
  • Robust and stylish design:

    Tough but good looking – designed from the ground up to take the punishment of having to operate a 1000kg gate continuously.

    • Heavy duty cast aluminium gearbox
    • Non-jamming easy release clutch mechanism
    • Baseplate with adjustable motor levelling
    • Powerful 250W, 24V motor
    • Stylish cover design with superior UV stabilisation
    • 400mA 12v electronically protected auxiliary output


    Excellent security features:

    Taking cognisance of the ever increasing security demands, numerous advanced security features are incorporated in the Drive 1000.

    • Gate forced open or kept open and limit switch tampering alarm output
    • Safety beam tamper detection and alarm output
    • Manual operation of control card can be disabled
    • RF Jamming and signal strength tester
    • ET Blu-Mix© enhanced rolling code 4 channel receiver – “The most secure code in Africa” – 1000 user memory
    • Auxiliary relay output can be selected to operate mag lock, strike lock, lights, etc.
    • Positive close and electronic locking features
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