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Experience intelligence in motion with the SDO4 SMART garage door operator, boasting whisper-quiet operation thanks to its state-of-the-art mechanical design, extended battery life for uninterrupted convenience during power outages and our pioneering SMART technology for quick and easy setup.

Main features:

  • Connecting you to convenience with smartphone integration
  • Redefining the installation experience with the easiest and most intuitive electronic and mechanical commissioning of any garage motor in the SDO4’s class
  • Always-on reliability
  • Advanced safety and obstruction-detection technology for more peace of mind
  • Adjustable speed on tip-up doors
  • Compatible with Photon SMART wireless beams – easier and more cost-effective than ever before to fit safety beams
  • The ultimate in flexibility with programmable IOs
  • App-based management of remote controls
  • Industry-leading security features including tamper detection and intelligent door status monitoring
  • SDO4S_T10_SB0

Centurion SD04 Smart Sectional Operator T10

SKU: GR0671
  •   T10 T12
      Input voltage 230V AC +/-10% @ 50/60Hz1 230V AC +/-10% @ 50/60Hz1
      Motor voltage1 24V DC 24V DC
      Motor power supply - rated2 80W DC 100W DC
      Motor supply Battery supply 2 x 3.4Ah 12V DC Battery supply 2 x 3.4Ah 12V DC
      Maximum door width 6.5 metres 6.5 metres
      Maximum door area 12 Square meters 15 Square meters
      Maximum push/pull force 40kgf 50kgf
      Maximum lifting capacity 1000N 1200N
      Operations in standby mode Up to 90 dependent on door size, weight, height and duration of power failure / condition of batteries Up to 90 dependent on door size, weight, height and duration of power failure / condition of batteries
      Maximum operator travel speed3 9m/min 9m/min
      Door travel adjustment Physical end-stops (Automatic limit set) Physical end-stops (Automatic limit set)
      Safety obstruction force system Built-in menu Built-in menu
      Light LED 2W LED 2W
      Autoclose2 Menu Selectable Menu Selectable
      Infrared safety beams Menu Selectable (Optional but recommended) Menu Selectable (Optional but recommended)
      Onboard receiver type Code-hopping single channel Code-hopping single channel
      Receiver code storage capacity 20x 4-Button Transmitters 20x 4-Button Transmitters
      Receiver frequency 433.92Mhz 433.92Mhz

    1. Can operate off a solar supply, consult Centurion Systems for assistance
    2. Can increase battery capacity for longer standby times
    3. Speed varies with load

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