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Main features:

Strong enough to move a 2t gate

Easy “drop-in” replacement for existing A10 sites

SMART technology makes the D20 SMART as intelligent as it’s solid

Installer-friendly design with easy access to mounting hardware, optimised cable routing and a dedicated accessory tray

Smooth and strong

Alert and agile – highly reliable Hall Effect technology keeps track of the gate position at all times, and ensures pin-point stopping

No batteries, rack or foundation plate


Centurion D20 Smart Gate Motor Only

SKU: GT0569
  • Technical Specifications:

      Input voltage 90V - 240V AC +/-10% @ 50Hz1
      Current consumption (Mains) 250mA
      Battery charger current output 1.8A @ 27.4V +/-1%
      Maximum number of operations per day 7502,5
      Duty cycle - Mains present2,3 45%
      Motor voltage 24V DC
      Motor power supply Battery-driven (Standard Capacity - 2x 7.2Ah)3
      Current consumption (motor at rated load) 9A
      Input / Output sink currents (Max accessory current draw)  
      I/O 1-4 100mA (12/24V)
      I/O 5 and 6 3A (12/24V) 10sec Pulse
      Motor push force - starting 52kgf
      Motor push force - rated 39kgf
      Gate mass - maximum 2000kg
      Gate length - maximum 25m
      Gate speed (varies with load)2,5 Up to 18m/min3
      Manual Override Lockable lever with key release
      Drive Pinion 13T Module 4
      Operations in standby with 2x 7.2Ah batteries Power Saving (15m/min 20kgf) | Normal (18m/min 20kgf)
      Half day2, 3, 4 101 | 55
      Full day2, 3, 4 80 | 45
      Collision Sensing Electronic
      Operating temperature range -15°C to +50°C
      Onboard receiver type CENTURION rolling code (Keelog encryption) multichannel
      Receiver code storage capacity 1500 Remotes6
      Receiver frequency 433.92MHz
      Degree of protection IP54
      Mass of unit packed (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery) 13Kg
      Packaging dimensions (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery) 350mm wide x 282mm deep x 470mm high

    1. Can operate off a solar supply, consult your local dealer for assistance
    2. Based on 25°C ambient temperature and unit not in direct sunlight
    3. Based on a motor push force of less than 50% of rated (Starting and Running forces)
    4. Gate opening and closing speeds can be configured to run slower depending on the
    requirements of individual installations
    5. Can increase battery capacity for longer standby times
    6. Based on 4m gate, excluding all accessories
    7. Multiple buttons per remote can be used

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