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Proven lightning protection
Trigger input with local test button– useful for testing the operation of the device when a transmitter is not available
Pedestrian Opening input - prevents unauthorised vehicle access
Safety Beam input – connecting infrared Safety Beams dramatically increases the safety of the automated system
Local and remote multi-function Gate Status LED
Free-exit input (only opens gate) – ideal for fitting free-exit ground loops or pushbuttons in townhouse and high-volume vehicle access applications
Holiday Lockout input - ensures that gate cannot be opened when home owners are away
Timed potential-free contact (e.g. Courtesy Lights)
Low-voltage switching of potential-free contact
Selectable/adjustable Autoclose timer (1 – 255 seconds)
Override of Autoclose timer via trigger input
Local diagnostic LEDs for easy programming


Centurion CP80 D5 PCB

SKU: GT0427*
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