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  • Internal spring counterbalance
    This innovative system contributes both to the Centurion CENTINEL's undeniably attractive slimline look and - most importantly - makes raising and lowering a very nearly automated action.
  • Professional, compact appearance
    Sleek and slender, the Centurion CENTINEL is a looker and will blend in seamlessly with the aesthetic of any modern business park. It might even receive a few amorous wolf-whistles from the other parking equipment!
  • Comfortable operating handle
    You don't need alligator hide on your hands for you to conveniently and comfortably operate the CENTURION CENTINEL. The actuating handle is designed for comfortable and easy handling of the boom pole. 
  • Simple locking system
    But what if there's heavy traffic flow? Will the hapless guard need to stand there keeping the pole raised until every muscle and sinew aches? Not with the Centurion CENTINEL manual traffic barrier installed! To secure the pole in the raised or lowered position, simply turn the convenient, easy-to-use thumbwheel.
  • Strong and durable
    The Centurion CENTINEL will willingly submit to the operator's touch, but its incredibly robust construction ensures that it will firmly stand its ground against the elements.
  • bm6h
  • BM6H

Centurion CENTINEL Manual Barrier 6m

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