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The Cell/Ethernet XT Control Panel is designed for securing residential and commercial indoor properties that have adequate cellular reception or an Ethernet/IP connection available.

XT Control Panels may be used as the hub for a standalone Videofied system and can also piggyback onto existing burglar alarm panels for a video verification upgrade.

Programming An alphanumeric keypad (XMA621 or WMB621) or the Frontel Installer Software (with the TMT USB Programming Kit) is required for programming and maintenance
Communication to devices 915 MHz RF (military grade)
RF range up to 250 ft (varies by building type and environment)
Communication to central station Cellular or Ethernet (Dynamic or Static) with cellular backup
Power options PP1 (4 D-Cell Lithium batteries) or PP4 (12V DC power supply with 4 backup Alkaline batteries for 3-6 months backup power; required if using Ethernet connection or using programmable inputs and/or outputs)
Operating temperature range +14/+104°F


Wireless Cell Ethernet XT Panel

SKU: XT210*
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