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Install Electric Fence

Why electric fence?
An intruder will find it extremely difficult to withstand the 9900 Volt shock to enter your premises. The shock from the energizer is non-lethal. It can not seriously hurt or kill an animal or person if the system is installed correctly according to legislation. Electric fences are the ideal first line of defense system. It can be linked to other security equipment like alarms and cameras that can be monitored remotely. Because ProSafe has in house staff that is capable of installing advanced CCTV and access control equipment, we are able to integrate our systems to provide a customized solution.If any of the electric fence wires are cut or tampered with, the alarm siren is triggered alerting the homeowner of an attempted perimeter breach.All our energizers are equipped with a back up battery in case of power failure or load shedding.
Electric fences are one of the first lines of defence against criminals, but installing the wrong fence will provide little protection and can even land a home owner in trouble. South African laws require electric fences to be certified with an electric fence system certificate of compliance (EFC).The new laws dictate that an electric fence must be installed by a registered installer, it must have warning signs, and the output must fall within an acceptable range. While legal compliance is obviously very important, many experts say that installing the right electric fence is just as important if you want to keep criminals out. Poor electric fences can easily be scaled or bent over, and provide little protection against experienced criminals.
Legislative Advisory:

In October 2012 there was a major change in Electric Fence Legislation. As from this date all Electric Fence companies, either Installing, doing Repairs or Maintenance to electric fences have to be Approved by the Department of Labour. One of the reasons for this is due to none compliant companies installing electric fences not conforming to the stringent safety standards. ProSafe is registered and currently employ Certified staff members who are able to issue Electric Fence System Certificates of Compliance.

The electric fencing in the East Rand that we provide is affordable and suitable for both commercial electric fencing, residential electric fencing and industrial electric fencing.

Phone ProSafe To quote on Electric Fence.

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