This sporty looking mens wrist watch has an appealing design, but has in-built hidden extras that really make it special. Designed into the face is an almost invisible high definition spy camera and inside the body of the watch is a video and audio recording system that has an excellent storage capacity of 16GB, which is more than ample to hold hours of recorded video footage (with audio) taken by the covert spy camera and/or still images.


The Sports Spy Watch can be worn on the wrist for almost any occasion. make secret video/audio recordings of meetings, lectures, to back up your integrity or maybe just for fun. It is so simple to use and is supplied with a special USB connection cable so that you can offload recorded and stored files onto your computer. It is nearly impossible to see the tiny camera lens in the watch face, so nobody will ever suspect its capabilities. The USB connection port is hidden by a removable control button (screw on/off), so again the covert design is well thought out.


If this wasn’t enough, unbelievably, this unit also has infrared capability, so video recordings can, if required, be obtain in very low light conditions. The infrared (IR) LEDs are also designed discreetly into the watch face. They use IR technology that is not within the human eye light detection spectrum, meaning that recording in the darkness can be achieved with total discretion. Finally the microphone (one of the buttons) can be capped to enable it to be used underwater if so desired.

Spy Watch DVR 1000W Night Vision

SKU: CT0003

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