Features of a wearable handheld transceiver of Motorola of DP 1400:

  • • The big textured call button
  • • 2 programmable action buttons
  • • LED indicator of the status of work of radio station
  • • Possibility of giving of an alarm signal of various level of a priority
  • • Possibility of control of use of fast group and individual calls
  • • ID control of the PTT button for more effective observance of discipline of sequence of a call
  • • The advanced schemes of scanning of channels allowing to be sure of reception of each outcoming call
  • • Basic mode of enciphering
  • • Possibility of voice-activated control by the transmitter
  • • Lonely Worker function
  • • A possibility of transfer of the programmed text messages
  • • Voice scoring of number of the channel, power level of the transmitter and activation/deactivation of other functions
  • • A possibility of use of station in the digital mode, upon purchase of the program license of Motorola

Motorola DP14000 136-174M Analog

SKU: RD0053*

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