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A GSM intercom system that allows convenient control of visitors at the entrance to residential or business properties before allowing access. Cellphone doubles as an intercom handset and can receive calls from the gate station, and open the entrance gate.




  • GSM intercom system
  • 1500 units per account
  • Up to 3 phone numbers per unit
  • Time-based access control; allow selected remotes or PIN codes during certain periods of time
  • Easy programming on web portal
  • Easy reporting
  • Up to 7500 Nova remotes
  • can accommodate up to 2 Tap-Tap keypads for PINs
  • Missed call gate opening
  • 3rd party integration options
  • 220V AC Mains
  • Backup battery

Centurion MKII LITE complex GSM intercom

SKU: IN0156
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