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Input voltage 190V - 240V AC +/-10% @ 50Hz
 Current consumption (Mains)200mA
 Battery charger current output1.3A
 Maximum number of operations per day150
 Duty cycle - Mains present 2,350%
 Motor voltage24V DC
 Motor power supply 5Battery-driven (Standard Capacity - 2x12V)
 Current consumption (motor at rated load)13A
 Input / Output sink currents (Max accessory current draw) 
 I/O 1-4100mA (12/24V)
 I/O 5 and 63A (12/24V) 10sec Pulse
 Motor push force - starting30kgf
 Motor push force - rated17kgf
 Gate mass - maximum500kg
 Gate length - maximum100m
 Gate speed (varies with load)435m/min @ 17kgf
 Manual OverrideLockable with key release
 Operations in standby with 2 x 7Ah (28W) battery 
 Half day 5, 6125
 Full day 5, 6120
 Collision SensingElectronic
 Operating temperature range-15°C to +50°C
 On-board receiver typeCode-hopping multichannel receiver with selective add and delete
 Receiver code storage capacity 71500 Remotes
 Receiver frequency433.92MHz
 Degree of protectionIP55
 Mass of unit packed (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery)9.1kg

Packaging dimensions (with standard kit, but excl. rack and battery)


325mm wide x 244mm deep x 445mm high


SKU: GT0601
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