Optex VX 40 Outdoor detector

SKU: AC1166
VX-402 is suitable for almost all outdoor applications because it combines two PIRs, creating extra high immunity against false alarms caused by small animals, cars, and other outdoor disturbances. Easy wiring and a 90° wide angle detection pattern with 180° aiming are significant advantages that VX-402 brings to outdoor security. VX-402 also includes temperature compensation circuitry, high RFI and Sunlight immunity, Form C relay, adjustable photocell, sequential logic circuit, and many other features for quality outdoor performance. 

For increased flexibility, the VX-402REC allows the user to record a customized voice message and play it back whenever motion is detected. By using either the built-in microphone or external recording equipment such as a PC, the VX-402REC can be easily programmed in any language, and is suitable for various detection sequences, guaranteeing the best voice message for each application. 

The VX-402R version is a wireless, multi-stabilized outdoor detector with 100 lb. pet immunity. The VX-402R is compatible with most manufacturers' wireless technology and comes with a weatherized back box for easy installation. This battery operated detector, provides a 40ft. by 40ft. detection pattern and is completely weatherized for direct exposure to harsh weather conditions. 

  • The Highest Reliability Available in Outdoor Detection The patent pending "MDP" Technology eliminates the chance of false alarm caused by moving objects or small animals within the detection area. The VX-402 includes the first Layered Detection Pattern which provides logic for discrimination of objects in the detection area. The upper zone stays parallel to the ground at all times and the lower zone is adjustable from 6.7ft. (2.0m) to 40ft. (12m). Only when both upper and lower zones are activated will the VX-402 generate an alarm. 
  • Limited Detection Range Function The detection range of the VX-402 can be limited to avoid detecting unwanted objects. By eliminating detection range, false alarms due to unwanted movement (i.e. cars, persons or animals outside the detection area) can be reduced. 
  • Size Judging Function The VX-402 is designed to discriminate between large and small objects. By utilizing this ability, false alarms due to small animals can be virtually eliminated. 
  • Bright Light Disturbance Immunity with Double Conductive Shielding The VX-402 is equipped with Patented Double Conductive Shielding Technology. A special conductive filter covers the element window allowing infrared energy to pass through while blocking and grounding out light and RFI sources.
  • High Durable Housing & Lens 
  • Weather Proof Structure (IP54) 
  • Easy Installation Installation of the VX-402 has been simplified by the addition of a conduit access in the bottom of the unit. You can conveniently install the VX-402 anywhere since it can be wired either through a conduit access in the bottom of the unit or through a wiring access on the back of the unit. In addition, rubberized grommets increase the resistance of the sensor to the attack of natural elements.
    • Wiring Convenience
      Wiring can enter the sensor from the top or bottom, making installation quick and easy.
    • Built-In Conduit Entry
      A conduit can be installed directly into the bottom of the unit by removing the knockout on the cover.
    • Area Masking Plate
      Unwanted detection area(s) can be easily eliminated by attaching supplied masking plates.
    • Area Angle Adjustment
      The detection area can be adjusted 45° left or right from the center to allow for custom applications for the sensor.

  • Extensive Application
    By connecting to additional detectors such as PIRs, Active IR Beams, or Magnetic Contacts, the VX-402 can provide additional features without the use of any special control panel. Self-contained functions can offer not only higher reliability but also the ability to be utilized in various applications.
    • Detection Area Extension Function
      Wiring two VX-402 sensors together and selecting the "OR" Mode will allow the detection pattern to be effectively doubled.
    • Directional Detection Function
      The VX-402 can also be used in conjunction with another sensor to create even greater stability. By selecting the "AND" Mode and programming which sensor should be activated first (DIP Switch Programming), the VX-402 can sense direction and will activate only if motion is in a specific direction.
    • Sequentially Confirmed Alarm Containment
      With this option selected, an alarm will only be generated if two detectors activate sequentially and separately. This function dramatically increased the reliability of the system. It is no longer necessary to reduce sensitivity or parallel sensors together. The logic is all internally controlled.

  • Voice Warning Function (VX-402A Model Only)
    When the system is armed, the Voice Warning Feature (Weatherproof speaker inside sensor) delivers one of two types of voice messages to anyone entering the protected area. This warning is designed to deter a would-be intruder from continuing towards the protected area.
  • Various Applications
    The VX-402 is equipped to provide Directional Access Control features. Applications for this technology include opening an automatic gate when approached from one direction, counting cars or people going one direction through an area and not counting those going the other way. 
  • Other Features Include:
    • Selectable NC or NO Alarm Output
    • Temperature Compensation Circuit
    • Illuminance Sensor
    • Day-Night Mode
    • Sensitivity Adjustment: Low, Medium, High
    • LED On/Off Switch
    • Selectable Pulse Count: 2 or 4
    • Spare Terminals
Price: R2,390.00